this is a test of natural speaking software

okay I have just purchased 18. Voice recognition software, which is called naturally speaking  Dragonnow when I was in university. I have a copy of this software, and it was terrible. It was really really useless.


Now this seems considerably better. Still has a whole bunch of problems, meaning that I can’t just type by talking. I also need to have my hands on the keyboard and mouse at all times. In order to correct the mistakes that were made. Now my hopes are, the system will change as time goes on and get more used to my voice. And I do the good tutorial thinks, which are within the system parts to this I nearly keep all of the spelling mistakes in. So that you can get a good idea of how well this works. So this might not make sense, but you can get a good idea of how quickly talking into Dragon speak is affected.

Now my main issue with the software is the corrections don’t work properly. Example, if I say it is supposed to delete some. What is actually done is just left the word out the word that is missing from the sentences is backspace, by the way. What it does do well is things like drawing (words like open.rackets racquets should be brackets). I’m just going to test.

Okay, I think I’m going to be forced to go back and correct whole bunch of this. Because otherwise this is going to be completely illegible. Bizarrely this sentence has been fine.

Now this might not be as useful as it would for the other people. Because I work in a relatively crowded office hand. This is going to drive everybody else on the wall. I’m spending my whole time talking to the computer. However, because I am dyslexic. This is incredibly useful, but I’m not sure that everybody wants me whispering sweet nothings in the corner of the room. Whilst I try and concentrate on their work. They can’t get to work is controlling the cursor by voice action in the videos it suggests that it’s very easy to do a whole bunch of, such as send complete e-mails. Browse the Internet, and I think even do X.

At the moment the funniest thing that I’ve done with it is to compose mental e-mails to my friend’s since they are not business or important. I can get away with it being a bit rough around the edges is. So if you consider this a review. They are reminded that the whole thing has been written in one go with only a couple of edits. All done from with in a programme and the whole thing has taken me around three minutes. I have only been using the software for two days. At present, if you work on your own and your dyslexic. I highly recommend buying this product. If you work in an office, and I’m not dyslexic as God’s sake. Learn to touch type.


Cheat set ups.

To me a cheat setup, is an phrase that I have already tried and tested which I know can set up a scene, tap out well. I will list them on this post:

“Mum and Dad this is [Name], [Name] this is my Mum and Dad.” – Instantly set up the scene as introducing a lover to the parents for the first time.